Corporate & Commercial Law

At our offices in Berlin and in Minden, we provide our clients with competent and goal-oriented advice in the area of corporate & commercial law.

We also offer this service in combination with advice from our other practice areas, such as employment law or insolvency law.

Please feel free to call us during our office hours and make an appointment for a consultation. Our team will then support you with competent advice in your project or legal problem. 

In the past, we have repeatedly been able to stabilize and ultimately expand our clients’ businesses.

We advise our clients competently in our modern offices (incl. state-of-the-art means of communication like video conferencing) in order to always achieve the best possible result for our clients in all ways.

Furthermore, we offer a permanent legal department for our small and medium-sized clients, who otherwise would not have their own legal department and would therefore be with several law firms. This may lead to inconsistent legal advice.

Our law firm offers you a coordinated, consistent and secure support, even in the case of cross-thematic legal advice.

With us, our clients have a fixed contact person and reliable companion in their everyday business.

This allows the managing directors, shareholders, board members and supervisory board members to concentrate fully on their company and their tasks.

Permanent Legal Department

In most cases, it does not always make sense for small and medium-sized companies to set up their own legal department. Maintaining a legal department is a real financial burden, especially for small and medium-sized companies, as the legal department does not generate any revenue for the company, but only generates costs.

Here our clients can benefit from our expertise and hands-on approach without having to pay the salary costs and other related monthly expenses.

If this service is also of interest to your company, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to offer you a monthly package that is tailored to your company and can also be flexibly terminated on a monthly basis, depending on your needs. The respective packages are individually adapted to the needs of our clients and negotiated together with you. Should this be of interest to you and your company, please do not hesitate to contact us.

In addition, you will benefit from our large network of contacts, so that you can quickly gain access to new business partners from the financial sector, the IT & software sector or the renewable energy sector.


Differences of opinion between the shareholders and the decision makers in companies often lead to mistrust or ill will between the individual players. Therefore, we also see our task in mediating between the individual players, if possible, and finding an amicable agreement so that the company as a whole can continue to exist.

In our view, when disputes arise between shareholders and the other stakeholders, the question for us is what steps can be taken to protect the interests of the company. 

We always advise our clients not to let every dispute escalate immediately. It is not always advisable to start legal proceedings right away. First and foremost, a consultation with our firm should take place, in which you discuss the desired results and the current problem. Together with you we will then set the goals and first try to solve the problem(s) out of court. If this is not possible and mediation is not an option, we will take legal action together with you.

The legal dispute should be the last escalation of a dispute, because mostly after a legal dispute the continuation of the company in the same constellation as before the legal decision will not be possible. Therefore, the legal dispute must be the last resort in order to protect one’s own interests.

It is therefore advisable to seek legal advice in good time, as only early legal advice can prevent unnecessary escalation if necessary. This can help to protect and preserve your company as a whole. This is also our concern. For most companies, the company is “a life’s work”. We would like to preserve, protect and develop this together with you.

Our firm understands the needs of self-employed persons, inventors and entrepreneurs. They are the backbone of our German and also European economy. Our goal is to support, protect and successfully represent you.

Managing Director Consulting

We advise managing directors, especially inexperienced managing directors, on their rights and obligations. Furthermore, we often point out potential disputes between the shareholders and the managing directors, which should be legally settled beforehand. These include, among others, the use of company cars, royalties or non-competition clauses etc. In this context, it is usually irrelevant whether the managing director is a shareholder, as long as several other shareholders are involved in the company.

Managing Director Liability

Anthony Tur provides competent advice on all liability issues (civil as well as criminal). Unfortunately, we have often found that inexperienced and also young managing directors (start-ups) do not always know or are not aware of their legal obligations. Violation of certain obligations can cause personal liability (e.g. late or missing VAT returns, missing or late submission of annual financial statements, etc.).

We will be happy to advise you on your obligations as a managing director or board member of a corporation.

Company Succession | Family Business with Tradition

Unfortunately, one often hears in the press about failed regulations regarding company succession. In everyday life, many forget to make arrangements when it comes to the question of who should continue the family business. Either it is due to the fear to think about a cessation out of concern that this will be interpreted as weakness or even the same concern to draw up a will, as only few people want to deal with the question of death or illness.

We support our clients in making arrangements so that the continuation of the family business can be ensured. In order to ensure this, the legal framework should be created at an early stage.

It should not be forgotten here that, in order to successfully secure a company succession, these precautions should not be taken hastily, but rather, depending on the size of the company, several individual and group discussions may be required. The players should allow sufficient time for this, i.e. start planning in good time, because restructuring may also raise tax issues.

Our attorneys will support you in this process with a great deal of sensitivity, intuition and experience for the personal and entrepreneurial concerns of the players.

We will gladly support you in reconciling the interests of your company, as well as those of the old or new shareholders, for the benefit and continuation of the company, as well as for the benefit of the shareholders as a whole.

Anthony Tur will also support the company to ensure that the wealth of experience of the old shareholders is preserved for the new shareholders. This could be ensured, for example, by creating an advisory board.

Company Succession - Financing

For new shareholders, the question of refinancing often arises, be it for the purchase of company shares or new equipment, business equipment or for the expansion and modernization of the business (e.g. digitalization). A generational change may require debt restructuring or investments in order to safely lead the family business into the modern age.

To ensure optimal financing, we work closely with our cooperation partner Broza Finanzpartner GmbH & Co. KG in Minden, Germany. The consultation with our cooperation partner can also take place nationwide and is not regionally limited.