Traffic Law

Were you or your family involved in a traffic accident at home or abroad (within the EU)?

In the event of a traffic accident, we will support you in settling the claim as well as in enforcing your claims for damages against the party responsible and their insurance company.

We support and represent you in and out of court in the enforcement of your compensation for immaterial damages, your claim for compensation for pain and suffering as well as the claim for compensation for household damages.

With our many years of experience in enforcing your claims and in settling the damage that has occurred – also vis-à-vis your own insurance company and other service providers (car rental company, garage, expert, doctors etc) we support you competently and efficiently

Fines/OWiG Proceedings

Have you received a penalty notice? If this is the case and you would like to take action against it, we will advise you competently and efficiently (e.g. in the case of accused speeding offences, red light offences, mobile phone offences or distance offences).

If you want to take action against a penalty notice, you should not wait too long and seek legal advice from us about your options and about the potential consequences in the event that the penalty notice becomes final.

Traffic Offence Proceedings

We regularly represent and defend clients in the area of criminal traffic offences e.g. assault and battery, hit and run, endangering traffic, driving without insurance cover and drink & drug driving.

If you are confronted with one of these charges, you can rely on our competent, efficient and fast advice as well as our conscientious but also solution-oriented defence.

We represent our clients nationwide, competently and cost-effectively.