Insolvency Law

TUR ADVOCATES represents business partners, creditors, debtors and third-party debtors also against insolvency administrators.

Anthony Tur will assist you in filing for insolvency (consumer insolvency or regular insolvency) even in failed regular or consumer insolvency proceedings in which discharge of residual debt has been denied.

Furthermore, we also support you in foreign insolvency proceedings, primarily in english insolvency proceedings.

Areas of Expertise

Execution of an Insolvency in Germany and in England

Cancellation of an English Insolvency

Denial of Residual Debt Discharge

Registration of Claims in Insolvency Proceedings

Debt Collection Services

We offer regional or nationwide, as well as internationally operating companies, the opportunity to outsource their receivables management to our law firm and our trained staff.

We present our clients with flexible solutions for all areas of receivables management – which we tailor cost-effectively according to our clients’ needs.

Our range of services for our clients

Tailor-made and individually coordinated collection measures:

All collection measures are carried out exclusively by our firm – we do not delegate any services to third parties. This means that we are active for our clients from the first out-of-court reminder, through the judicial dunning procedure, to the long-term monitoring of titled receivables.

Advantage of Collection Services through our Law Firm

TUR ADVOCATES focuses on commercial law (contract law, debt collection, banking and capital market law, corporate law, competition law, insolvency law) as well as media and copyright law.

Furthermore, the firm also acts for clients abroad, such as in Great Britain and Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, France, Italy and Switzerland.

We therefore have the necessary experience to enforce and collect our clients’ claims both nationally and internationally.

Further advantages are:

By hiring TUR ADVOCATES, you save the costs of hiring a non-lawyer debt collection service, which may have to buy lines from third parties in order to offer the same services as those of our law firm.

The costs for our services are recoverable if the debtor is in default and the claim is justified. This applies to both our extrajudicial and judicial activities.

It is therefore less expensive and more effective to hire a law firm to manage your receivables. The services provided by a law firm are also scalable.

In contrast to the assignment of a non-lawyer debt collection agency, which sometimes make a very dubious impression, we can offer our clients the entire service spectrum of receivables management, from out-of-court reminders to compulsory enforcement, as well as receivables monitoring from one office. We do not need a third party provider for this service.

Our Debt Collection Services

Out-Of-Court Reminder: Reminder letter with statement of claim and justification of claim.

Judicial Dunning Procedure: If the first step does not achieve the desired success, we apply for the dunning and enforcement order for our clients in the judicial dunning procedure in order to quickly achieve a titling of the claim.

Enforcement: As soon as we have an enforceable writ of execution or other title (e.g. court judgment or notarial acknowledgement of debt), we will apply for a statement of assets, garnishment of accounts or wage garnishment for our clients. Furthermore, if possible, we will have a forced security mortgage registered in the case of real estate.

Court Action: If the debtor raises objections in the judicial dunning procedure, we then enforce the claim for our clients in ordinary court proceedings.

Monitoring of the Claim: We monitor our clients’ titled claims for them, even if they are temporarily uncollectible.

Research and Information Services: We research for our clients to find out where the debtor is currently located or to find out whether recovery of the debt is possible at all. For this purpose we can take the following steps and obtain the following information about the debtor:

  • Residents’ Registration Information (EMA)
  • Credit Information
  • Insolvency Notices Nationwide
  • Debtor Lists of the Local District Courts
  • Business Information
  • Commercial Register Information
  • Land Register Information

If you are interested in our range of services, you can write to us using the contact form. To arrange an appointment, you can also contact our office during our office hours.