ISDA Master Agreements

TUR ADVOCATES has negotiated and drafted ISDA Master Agreements as legal counsel for one of the leading german and international investment banks. With extensive experience in drafting and negotiating investment agreements with banks and investment companies, Anthony Tur will assist legal teams at companies or private individuals in negotiating these investment contracts.

The ISDA Master Agreement consists of two prefabricated parts, which are never changed. The prefabricated part consists of the “Schedule” and the “Credit Support Annex”, adapted to the respective conditions and therefore negotiable by the parties. Negotiations with the bank or fund company must be goal-oriented, since the legal departments of the banks and fund companies have received certain specifications, which they try to enforce.

Arriving at a good conclusion of a contract with the bank depends on the negotiating skills of the prospective customer. The legal departments of the investment banks will try everything to enforce their set guidelines.

We are happy to advise and support our clients in the negotiation of ISDA Master Agreements.